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Human nature is looking for happiness in different things and focuses on people liked and things, and become the enemy of the people and things have not helped. This impurity causes in mind. To clean the impurities in mind that it has caused, the man has used various types of meditation techniques of yoga for centuries. Meditation is the practice of focusing and turning attention inward to the thoughts of the mind. Yoga is the practice of meditation and development turns the attention inward to the pure consciousness. Yoga Meditation involves mental discipline, relaxation and spirituality.

Yoga meditation based on Buddhist faith.
Buddhist meditation, yoga does not seek another God of faith, but to engage in sober reflection in the mind and teaching him to control all our actions of all agencies in the physical world. Buddhist meditation, yoga aims to live as happy children in the present moment with wisdom within. Buddhist Meditation Yoga aims to develop the ability to attract attention to a single point. Yoga meditation is the Buddhist sense of the emphasis on the rise and fall short of breath, and breath or a candle flame or a body part.

In some schools of meditation, yoga, Buddhism, concentration is cultivated through highly structured ritual faith. In Tibetan Buddhist meditation, yoga, Tantra is also used for advanced practice. In some schools of yoga meditation, Buddhist monks get through the song. In Buddhist belief, the objective of yoga meditation to stay awake the consciousness of self, and through it to the true nature of mind

Yoga meditation based on Hindu religion Yoga meditation based on the faith of Hinduism is called Dhyana. Yoga meditation is used by the Hindu religion since its inception. For the realization of the soul (Atma), meditation, yoga is offered in the Bhagavad Gita. Hindu deity Lord Shiva is the symbol of yoga meditation. Patanjali Yoga Sutras explains the basic meditation of yoga and metaphysical thought of the mind to enter deeply into yoga (Samadhi).

Faith Hinduism says that the practice of meditation, yoga helps to control the mind and senses while egoism can be overcome and the true self (atman) is known. The different meditation techniques of yoga in Hinduism are designed to respond to different moods to enter the pure consciousness itself. |

Yoga meditation based on faith Christen
Repeated meditation yoga reference is in the Psalms of the Bible. Christen have various meditation practices Yoga, based on breathing is common. Recitation of the prayer of Jesus is great meditation Yoga. There are many schools of faith Christen that uses the healing power of meditation to yoga to cure various mental and physical health and spiritual growth.