Healthcare Consulting

We provide assistance across a full range of strategic issues from the development of market-driven growth/geographic plans to formal collaborations with one or more institutions, including the organizational, financial and operating aspects of each.

• Clinical business assessments and market positioning
• Competitive strategy Vision development Identification of competitive advantages Option development Action planning and implementation assistance
• Financial modeling
• Resource prioritization and strategic capital planning

Market Planning
Because health care is local, how well a hospital or health system serves its market area is an important determinant of its success. We have tools to analyze and understand the service area, patient origin, market share, population trends, utilization shifts, geographic barriers, travel patterns, and competitive actions and reactions. These tools are the critical building blocks we use to help our clients determine capacity needs, size their system, develop their medical staff, grow programs and services or locate a new facility.

Market modeling/forecasting
Location/geographic positioning and network development Medical staff development and physician need analyses Volume projections and bed need analyses Competitive scenario analyses • Provider/payor implications

Clinical Services / Business Line Planning
We work closely with physicians, clinicians and administration in the development and deployment of clinical programs. With a broad experience base, we have focused expertise in Centers of Excellence such as cardiac services, cancer, orthopedics, and the neurological services. This includes defining innovative financial, organizational, and delivery models for the program. We recognize the breadth and depth of resources required and support the plan with a practical prioritization of initiatives.
Feasibility studies
Clinical program planning
Definition, integration, and structure Vision, strategies, and tactics
Business initiative planning Revenue and expense modeling Resource allocation and capital planning